Just one more place to visit before we ‘saddle the horses’ and leave Marlborough. This wasn’t on our list, but I’ve just seen a stunning piece of art by award-winning Ceramic Artist, Fran Maguire. We head out to her studio which is located between Blenheim and Renwick. Halfway there, I need to use the bathroom but can hold on for a while. Fran’s work is constantly evolving, each theme depicting a stage in her journey. Here’s is an artist where artistic integrity is everything and to heck with trends. See these little pots here, don’t ya just love the black & white stripped one with the mushroom top. Michael’s a bit squeamish about it. “Those mushrooms are poisonous” he says. What an absurd reason for not liking a piece of art – honestly, some people!

For sheer beauty of form, Fran’s contemporary sculptural works would be considered by many to be the jewel in her crown. My eyes rest on a flawless cylindrical sculpture that opens into two perfect halves. I’m also drawn to the swirling snail shapes Fran creates, each with their own timeline depicting significant events through life. Michael has this flawed theory that if an object is of no practical use, then why buy it, but when I decide to purchase, he just smiles benignly. It’s not until we’re back in the car that the pressing need to use the bathroom returns. How odd that I forgot about that for a while..

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