Finding a Travel Agent for New Zealand will depend very much on what sort of holiday you really want. Will you settle for a pre-package ‘deal’ or a customised itinerary made especially for you? Here are some really important considerations to think about.

Finding a Travel Agent for New Zealand – What is your budget?

First of all, is your budget flexible?  This will widen your choices when it comes to boutique accommodation and small group tours. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean high-end lodges, but those hidden spots with privacy and spacious surrounds.

Finding a Travel Agent for New Zealand – How to choose wisely

  1. Does the Travel Agent have in-depth knowledge of  New Zealand’s  geography, native bird & wildlife?
  2. Does the Travel Agent know approximate distances and time within New Zealand?
  3. Should an emergency occur, does the travel agent have good contacts within New Zealand? Are they actually based in New Zealand and able to respond in the same time zone?
  4. Is my agent accessible by cellphone and will they my call after hours?
  5. Is the agent up to date with the latest New Zealand tourists and accommodations options? How often to they get around the country to see for themselves.

Finding a Travel Agent for New Zealand – Unexpected events

What happens if one or more of my tours is cancelled due to weather conditions – yes, it does happen. New Zealand’s weather is very changeable and you can experience 4 seasons in the one day! Will the Travel Agent be able to provide a plan B and action this immediately?

Finding a Travel Agent for New Zealand – Asking the right questions

A good Travel Agent should welcome your questions,  so ask away.  Travel with peace of mind, knowing there’s always someone to provide the right back-up plan

Happy travelling!

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