I wouldn’t go as far as comparing the New fish’n’chip Kiwi tradition to a religious experience, but there’s no denying the camaraderie of standing with other Kiwis and travellers waiting for our turn to squeeze out the ‘tommy sauce’ and eat this ‘delicacy’ straight off the paper. Oh the anticipation!

The fish'n'chip Kiwi tradition

We Kiwis are fussy about our ‘fush’n’chups’ (brings out our cute accents). Every Kiwi knows the best place in town and The Haven fish’n’chip shop in Nelson is definitely up there with the best. It’s conveniently located on the Nelson Wharf, right next to the best and freshest fish supplier in town, Guytons. Choose your fish and how many scoops of chips you want then pay for it:

Haven Fish shop and Michael paying

Michael chose to wile away his time by reading the shop’s women’s magazines dated as far back as 2006. I walked out on to the the pier to enjoy a surprising vibrant and busy Tuesday evening.

Nelson Wharf

Here’s Michael with his precious parcel of fish’n’chips listening to his wife barking out instructions on how to get back to our accommodation as fast as possible.

Michael holding fish parcel

Finally the parcel is opened and it’s high cholesterol contents revealed – beautiful white-fleshed fish in golden batter and chips, crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.  Another successful day for the travelling travel agents.

The fish'n'chip Kiwi tradition


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4 responses to “The fish’n’chip Kiwi tradition”

  1. Jan Roberts says:

    oh my gosh – now I am so hungry and could totally go for some fish n chips. These are a rare treat for us as it is a little drive home from the takeaway store. Might have to go into town this week for a photo shoot – a night shoot to ensure fish n chips is call to end the day. Hard to beat yours I think with fresh fish straight from the wharf. Hope my dinner is nearly ready……

  2. Jane Smith says:

    Are Fush and Chups allowed for breakfast? I am getting hungry sitting here reading… I have to say, the fish and chips everywhere in NZ seems greatly superior to the flabby, over-fried chips with apologetic teeny weeny piece of fish mugged by overweight batter served in the UK. Fresher fish, good light batter, nice and plump – real gourmet stuff here. Enjoy yourselves, J XXX

    • GuestNZ says:

      Actually Jane, just reading your description was making ME hungry! I have to agree that one of the great benefits of living on a couple of islands is the easy access to beautiful fresh fish brought in daily for our eating pleasure.

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