What do we mean by 'Slow' & Regenerative Travel?

Slow Travel – Goals & Objectives

Travel is all about people, places and experiences. As a business we want to do the right thing to protect our environment, wildlife and social structures. What should be done to achieve a more sustainable & meaningful tourism?

  • People: limit numbers and match facilities available at local communities.
  • Places: reduce excessive travelling by staying longer at each location.
  • Experiences: reduce, measure and offset carbon-emissions, incl. int.flights.
chef ali at te koi lodge garden for Slow Eco Travel in New Zealand

Your local host Ali at Te Koi Lodge in the Nelson-Tasman region.

What we do to support ‘Slow Travel’?

A – Reducing Travel Impact:

  • Reduce travel impact in tons by 7.5% every year through Hybrid Travel.
  • Limit locations that visitors actually travel to and therefore less milage.
  • Stay longer (at least 3 nights) at each location for less environmental impact.
  • Use of electric or hybrid or public transport wherever possible while travelling.
  • Recommending accommodation & tours with the highest sustainability standards.
  • Free research access to the Virtual Journeys VR/360 tour & experience library.
  • Less tourism hot spots. Enable visitors to better experience local culture & sites.
  • Maximum number of travel files per annum. Limits over peak months (Jan-Mar). 
  • Embrace technology to avoid use of packaging (e.g. using travel app).
travelling the west coast road south island

Travelling the West Coast Coastal road in the South Island

B – Measure Travel Impact:

  • Itinerary: we calculated each itinerary on its carbon impact (stays, transport, tours).
  • By using an average for all service & taking into account operators own measures.
  • Accommodation: on an average of 14 kg per night per room.
  • Domestic & int. Flights: use SustainableTravel.org calculator per person.
  • Rental cars and Transportation: 150 grams per kilometre travelled per vehicle.
  • Tours: on average depending on type of activity, fuel used, milage, per person.
  • Excluded are emissions already offset by hotel, transport and tour operations.
travel new zealand with a tesla

Using alternative ways of carbon emission friendly transport in New Zealand.

C – Offset Travel Impact:

  • Travellers carbon emissions will be offset through Guest NZ.
  • Showcase our travellers total carbon impact annually (starts June 2023)
  • We finance through not accepting credit card payments and saving high fees.
  • Supporting nature projects – sample TreesThatCount.co.nz.
  • Supporting local conservation projects – sample Kea Conservation Trust.
  • Investing in forward-thinking innovative technologies – sample CarbonFix.
Big Sky Mt. Cook 360 Degree Planetarium

Big Sky Mt. Cook 360 Degree Planetarium

Summary on our regenerative commitment:

  1. Calculate each travel itinerary’s carbon impact, incl. flights √
  2. Calculate a dollar amount with the carbon emission in tons √
  3. Support NZ based conservation, wildlife and community projects √


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