New Zealand, Fiji, Australia

Do you want to travel to Australia and New Zealand?

Australia and New Zealand are close neighbours in the South Pacific. Therefore, travellers often combine both two countries into their travel itinerary. We highly recommend to bring plenty of time. Perfect are 2-3 weeks and more.  You are able to cover key locations to travel Australia and New Zealand. It is essentially important to know the climate weather differences between Australia and New Zealand. Read more on the best travel times for Australia and NZ.

Things to do in Australia and New Zealand

Australia is a huge continent. There is lots to see and to do, including:
  • Experience cosmopolitan Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Lifestyle, stunning food, amazing galleries and arts.
  • For many travellers the Great Barrier Reef and the nearby Daintree rainforest and a big 'must see' drawcard when visiting Australia.
  • Uluru (Ayers Rock) is often seen as a key location, but we encourage visitor to consider hidden treasures such as Kangaroo Island too.
New Zealand is very different to Australia. It's a classic natural playground with many action and outdoor tours, including:
  • Heli-hiking guide tours on one of the glaciers in the South Island.
  • Kayaking the coastal water in the Coromandels or Abel Tasman NP.
  • Walking along a beach when Yellow-Eyed Penguins come ashore.
  • Hiking on one of the forest or national parks in North & South Island.
  • Limestone caving, sky diving, Zip-Lining and so much more.

What's the best time to travel Australia and New Zealand?

Due to the different climates and seasons the best time to travel Australia and New Zealand is between March and October. The Australian summer season (Nov-Mar) is often too hot in the Outback or too wet in the northern region! Read more on Australia's climate and season. Contact us for any questions and check how the planning process works.

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