Information when planning a New Zealand holiday

Getting New Zealand travel information requires a lot of careful thought. You’re probably travelling a long way to get here, so your itinerary needs plenty of detail – things you may not have thought of but really need to consider. Creating beautiful tailor made itineraries is our specialty so we know that the details are very important.

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Helpful New Zealand Travel Information

There are quite a few things to consider – weather + climate, where to go and what to do. How do you choose the best accommodation and tour options to suit your travel wish list? Don’t stress, we live here and will provide all the New Zealand travel information you need to make the decision-making easy! At Guest NZ you’ll actually talk to a real person with local knowledge – we’re talking about real and meaningful in-depth local travel information New Zealand.

So what do you come out with at the end of it?  First of all, take your time to talk it over with us – we’ll give you options to look at and a first draft proposal. You’ll get one-on-one, efficient service.  Flexibility is the key so you can make all the changes you need before getting your final beautiful itinerary with every detail imaginable.

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Frequently Asked Question for Travelling New Zealand

When is the best time to travel New Zealand?

The best time time for visit New Zealand is during the Spring/ Summer/ Autumn season. Generally speaking the ranges between September (for early spring) to May (for late autumn). If you are a keen hiker the most stable weather conditions are between February and April). Read more about timing to travel New Zealand.

When is the best way for transport between locations in New Zealand?

Generally the best way to travel is by rental car. Either with a private driver or self-drive. The advantage with having your own vehicle is to be able to ‘stop and go’. Also, for some off the beaten accommodation option you will need your own transport. Read more about transport option in New Zealand.

What is the best way to plan a holiday for New Zealand?

Planning a trip to New Zealand seems to be an easy thing to do! After all the language is English. The country has modern facilities as well as friendly locals. But, often underestimated are the many vacation options to consider. What region to visit? How long to stay? Where to stay? What to do and what not to do? Read more on the best way to plan a New Zealand holiday.

What does a holiday to New Zealand cost?

New Zealand is a modern country with first-world wages and living costs. Also, the country has only about 4 million people living here. Note, about another 1 million ‘kiwis’ is overseas at any time. So, don’t expect New Zealand to be a low-cost travel destination. On the other side national parks and stunning local sights come without charge. Read more about holiday costs in New Zealand.

When is the best clothing to bring for travelling New Zealand?

New Zealand is blessed with moderate temperature. So, no extreme head or very cold temperature. Though, you will need to keep in mind that temperature in the southern part of the South Island can get chilly from March onwards. The best way to travel is with a layer of clothing. Read more about the clothing to bring and weather here.

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