There are a number of detailed New Zealand maps you can use for your travel research. The listed PDF map will give you a clear overview of major towns, cities, roads, rivers and lakes. Great for getting a general overview of New Zealand.

Detailed New Zealand maps in PDF Format – View here

When planing your research for a trip, detailed New Zealand maps are such a great asset. In the ‘old days’ you would have bought a paper map, and placed it on the table to start making notes and choosing the places you wished to visit. In today’s digital world, there are a number of tools you can use to make maps interactive and beneficial for your holiday.

Details New Zealand maps as Google map

With the interaction Google New Zealand map you can zoom in and out to go into details. One issue with Google maps: travel times starting from A to B are not often that correct. Let’s say the Google maps have the distance between Fox Glacier and Wanaka as being 262 kms and 3.15 hours – we’d suggest adding 15% more time (say 30-40 min).

When travelling New Zealand and using detailed New Zealand maps, we highly recommend that you take the weather and road conditions into account. Talk to your local hosts, check the weather forecast and the road services. It’s important to know that most New Zealand roads are not highways, but more or less scenic routes, which invite to ‘stop and go’ travelling.

Remember to take into account the different types of roads you will be travelling throughout New Zealand.  Many New Zealand roads are quite flat, however there are some roads throughout New Zealand that are quite winding – these will take longer to travel through than what you think.  By using detailed New Zealand maps, make a note of these roads – and give yourself more more drive time.

This should be a very special trip for you, right? So why not use a local New Zealand travel expert to plan your special holiday!


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