Today we cycled the Glendhu Bay Track from Wanaka. We started from the Wanaka lake shoreline and cycled to the Glendhu Bay camp ground. The Glendhu Bay Track is quite challenging in places but worth the effort, for the beautiful views.

Glendhu Bay track Michael on Bike

Glendhu Bay Track from Wanaka

In many places throughout New Zealand, you only need to travel a few kms up the road to get away from the crowds! On the way back we came across a neat opportunity to make a small contribution to conservation. The sign on the tank reads “We are thirsty, please water us”. We obliged.

Glendhu Bay Track watering plants

Glendhu Bay Track from Wanaka

We couldn’t possibly return from the Glendhu Bay Track from Wanaka, without visiting the much photographed Rippon Vineyard. This Otago vineyard has reached ‘icon’ status and has achieved international fame.

Rippon Vineyard views

Glendhu Bay Track from Wanaka – Rippon Vineyard

No vineyard visit is complete without a tasting room experience. Rippon wines are superb. Don’t forget to have a look at the lovely little chapel that has been built in the complex.  This would be a great wedding venue.

Rippon Vineyard Tasting room

We loved their 2011 Riesling.

Rippon Vineyard wine tasting

Central Wanaka has a relaxed vibe. Some visitors prefer to stay here, rather than the busier Queenstown. The summer months are glorious for every land, sea or adventure you could wish for.

Rippon Vineyard with Pam

Happy travelling folks!

4 responses to “Glendhu Bay Track from Wanaka”

  1. Jan Roberts says:

    Well done you for still getting out and about – gorgeous day for it so why not. Hope you are feeling better soon – fingers crossed the “wee” wine tasting did the trick…… – how’s that for an idyllic location!

    • GuestNZ says:

      Hey Jan, the wine tasting certainly awoken other senses – lovely complex where the tasting room is. It also contains a beautiful chapel styled room for weddings -it’s lined with wine barrels. Worth checking out.

  2. Jane Smith says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon, ya little Kiwi battler! Love Michael’s helmet on the “please water us” pic – looks like he has grown dreds! You’re in a lovely spot to be be unwell – I am sure Michael will look after you. Take care J X

    • GuestNZ says:

      Um, well Jane, the rules in this house is that only 1 day of sickness is permitted. I’ve revisited the photo and I think Michael has version of a helmet worn way back in Roman times, by a Praetorian Guard.

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