Each year around 6th February, we Kiwis get a public holiday to enjoy Waitangi Day celebrations in New Zealand. This means a long, relaxing weekend of barbecues, family picnics and calm weather. Each region pays special attention to cultural events acknowledging New Zealand’s most historic document Te Tiriti o Waitangi, The Treaty of Waitangi.

Waitangi Day Waka2

Waitangi Day celebrations in New Zealand

This is a day that we New Zealanders remember the spirit of being one nation. We all have differing political opinions, but our commonality as New Zealanders is enough for this day.

Waitangi Day people

Where else in the world do we have so much freedom to be our individual selves? I love the fact that as a female, I can get into my ‘togs’ (swimwear) without fear of harassment and join other happy families. We can openly criticize those that govern us without fear of reprisal.

Waitangi Day Beach

We’re a nation of adventurers and will give anything a go. That’s why we’re often the first in the world to take on a new idea or trend. In other countries, banking transactions can take days or even weeks! Our banking systems are so advanced, transfers happen in one day.

Waitangi Day Paddleboard

You don’t have to travel far in this country for unobstructed views of beaches, forests and mountains. There are many places where you won’t see another car for miles and the only sounds are those made by nature.

Rob Roy Walk swing bridge

I grew up listening to the evening chorus of cicadas, Tuis and Bellbirds. They lulled me to sleep and still do. There’s a lot to celebrate here folks.

Queen Charlotte Walk Ships Cove

Happy travelling.

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  1. Jan says:

    Nicely put Pam. Cicadas are going crazy here with joy. Happy Waitangi weekend.

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