It’s debateable whether Gillespies Beach near Fox Glacier can still be called a ‘hidden secret’, but on the day we visited, it certainly gave that impression. Just 25km from Fox Glacier, the views and tracks on this walk will cleanse your mind. This is what we did today.

Gillespies Beach near Fox Glacier

Gillespie's beach Walk with Pam

Gillespies Beach near Fox Glacier – history

After leaving the carpark, we walked into a wide flax-lined track. What you see in the background of this photo is not old rubbish, but part of history. This old rusted machinery is a reminder of how people once lived. And it’s become an interesting part of a beautiful landscape.

Gillespies Beach history

Further on we passed an wonderful display of punga ferms. The full impact of this landscape really provides a full impact once you reach the clearing leading out onto the beach.

Gillespie's beach michael with stick

Gillespies Beach near Fox Glacier – expansive beach

And this blue-skied day is enough to induce a middle-aged woman to try out her yoga moves. It was easy getting the leg up, not so much getting it down. The surf competed with a few dramatic moves of its own. You’ll probably get a better impression of this special place by looking at this short video clip

Gillespie Beach Yoga

Today, Michael and I have agreed to set our own pace. He of the long legs sprinted ahead along the beach, while I trotted along at my own pace. This photo shows the peace and tranquility travellers can enjoy in underpopulated areas throughout New Zealand. View blogs about travelling Wanaka to Fox and Fox to Nelson.

Gillespies beach michael with log

At the end of the beach we discovered a track leading to a well maintained boardwalk. This meandering walk provides panoramic views of bush, beach and mountains. The best time to visit is actually in the off-season!

To get a general idea on what you can do in the South Island…

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Gillespies Beach near Fox Glacier – Boardwalk

Gillespies beach boardwalk

Looking down from the boardwalk across the lagoon, I could see the unusual ruby red water. The river floor appeared to glow like burning embers. The the reason for this vibrant colour is the result of acid being excreted from the surrounding native bush.

Gillespies beach red lagoon

Once off the boardwalk we entered a beautiful track leading to the miners tunnel. Michael had been reminiscing about past visits here and its heartwarming to know that it remains unchanged.

Gillespies Beach towards miners tunnel

It must have taken vision and an incredible amount of time to manually create 50 metres of tunnel so far from civilisation. Here’s another short video clip just to show I’m definitely not exaggerating!

Gillespies Beach miners tunnel2

Out on front on the small viewing platform, the views were stunning and guess what, we didn’t have to share it with anyone.

Gillespies Beach platform views

As always, I’m reluctant to leave a paradise like this. You find yourself becoming part of the environment so quickly and disengaging from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Happy Travelling.

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  1. Jan Roberts says:

    A wonderful mixture of history and stunning scenery. Great contrasts with the bush, beach, lagoon and coastal view point. Can’t wait to go back and visit ourselves, hopefully this winter.

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