Sylvester is probably the most photographed Llama in the country. This gorgeous looking boy is part of a very unique Llama Trek in Kaikoura New Zealand. On this Kaikoura discovery, we learnt a lot about Llamas and were treated to some very spectacular Kaikoura scenic views.  Yes, Llamas are very sensitive and should not be ridden.  The idea is to lead and walk along with them as part of a team. Its all about body language. They react to raised voices and sudden movements of alarm.  If you’re going to do this tour, it would pay to take heed of this very useful. Say hello to Sylvester:

Llama Trek in Kaikoura New Zealand

We chose the one-hour ‘teaser’ to learn about what Llama Trekking was all about. First of all, you need to be a true animal lover. And most people will love the close interaction with these doe-eyed lovelies.

Llama Trekking Kaikoura paddock

We were very curious as to what makes Llamas ‘tick’. They’re actually very intelligent creatures and they never forget!

Kaikoura Llama Trekking Michael S and Kevin

Also included on the half-day trek is a stroll the beautiful coastal walkways and a visit to a restored Whaler’s cottage and museum. And there really is no more effective way of getting rural views and views of the beautiful Kaikoura mountain range.

Llama Trek in Kaikoura New Zealand

Everyone is allotted their very own Llama (actually the Llamas do the choosing) and then you’re invited to walk along beside them holding onto their lead. The load that Llamas are permitted to carry, is a small saddle bags. These bags contain a picnic lunch and homemade treats for the tour. Here’s one happy customer bonding with their Llama.

Llama Trekking Kaikoura S and P

With the half day trek, you’ll be collected from the Kaikoura I-site carpark. The carpark is centrally located in the Kaikoura township. Families with older children will love this tour and you’ll be well looked after by Kevin and Lynn who are passionate about Llamas.

Kaikoura Llama Trekking S and Pam2

Missing Sylvester already.

Happy Travelling!

4 responses to “Llama Trek in Kaikoura New Zealand”

  1. Jan Roberts says:

    oh my gosh they are adorable. I had a great experience when I first moved to the West Coast – with my dog Jeddyboy. We headed off to explore a local walk but had to go through a paddock to reach the official start of the trail….. we were greeted by a grumpy horse and an even grumpier Llama. They both hissed and spat at us – Jeddyboy was hiding behind me, more frightened of them then they were of us. I eventually shooed them away – and we got our walk in. It still makes me laugh thinking about it. I love that first photo Pam – Michael and his mate – gorgeous!

    • GuestNZ says:

      Thankfully, we weren’t hissed at. That must have been a frightening experience at the time. Apparently, there is a hierarchy in the Llama Kingdom. Michael’s Llama, Legend, had a bit of a nip at Sylvester, who by all accounts was his best friend. They definitely need a strong hand but love the rewards as well. I won Brownie points by occasionally letting him eat the rich grass along the way. I was a bit too soft though and he sensed it. Both Llamas loved Michael and looked upon me as a bit of a clown.

  2. Jane Smith says:

    Sylvester the Giant Llama! A trick of the camera obviously but jolly funny. They are cute as buttons with lashes to die for eh? J X

    • GuestNZ says:

      Yes, it was only after I published that photo that I could see that the’t quite to scale. Both Llamas constantly battered their long eyelashes at us and were such flirts.

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