The New Zealand Farmstay holidays is perfect for travellers looking for a rural experience. So what exactly is a Farmstay? In New Zealand a farmstay holiday is about ‘local’ hospitality, wide open spaces and of course real home-cooked baking! New Zealand was originally founded on food production and a large proportion of New Zealand’s income is still based on farm products. Our farmers have established world-class working systems in some of the most stunning scenic areas on planet Earth!

Farmstays amidst New Zealand scenery

Farmstay – Perfect experience for Family travellers

The New Zealand Farmstay holidays is especially appealing for families with young children. These children are often city kids and have never seen, yet let alone touched a baby lamb. Even for a born and bred Kiwi like myself, it’s still a thrill to see working dogs rounding up sheep.  Honestly, who could resist this hairy face?

Buffalo Bill

The New Zealand Farmstay holidays – what to expect

Firstly, you’ll meet hard working country people considered the “backbone” of New Zealand. Our farmers are ‘straight talkers’ with a sense of fairness and more importantly, humour. You’ll get to see working dogs in action and close-up encounters with real livestock.  Most children would love collecting newly laid eggs for the morning’s breakfast.

The New Zealand Farmstay holidays – value for money

Generally when you visit a farm you’ll get a 4WD tour of the farm for a couple of hours which includes an introduction to a farmer’s best mate – those highly intelligent and hard working sheep dogs.  These guys are never still for lone and live to work.

Walter Peak dog dozing

All it takes is just a discreet signal from the farmer, then its teamwork and action time.

Walter Peak Sheep roundup

A Farmstay experience will often include a visit to the “Shearing Shed” or “Milking Rondel”. Handy hint: try to time your stay during shearing season. Believe me, its quite thrilled for the whole family to see a “shearing gang” in action.

New Zealand shearing gang

After being “out and about” it’s time for some fabulous traditional home cooking. Expect the best quality of meat, vegetables and desserts to be served. Often showcased are classics such as venison, kumara potato and the traditional pavlova. The dining table is the centre hub of the farm after a day’s work. Expect to have some wonderful conversations.

Comfort levels at New Zealand farmstay holidays

By the way, when it comes to creature comforts, there’s nothing makeshift about The New Zealand Farmstay holidays. Farmstay operators are professionals. They understand that travellers want a quality, comfortable experience with all the bells and whistles, including your own private en-suite bathroom.

Five Rivers Retreat

Farmstays put the variety into a New Zealand itinerary. And its not only about the pavlova, the roast lamb and roasted tatties. It’s about entertaining little kids and big kids.

Walter Peak Stag

Happy travelling on New Zealand Farmstay Holidays!

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  1. Jan Roberts says:

    Great article – totally sums up a farmstay and what a wonderful experience – I’m keen to go myself now! Awesome photos too and stunning backdrop thanks for sharing.

    • GuestNZ says:

      Hey Jan, thanks for your comments. I’m a great fan of the Farmstay community in our network – genuine Kiwis who always end up by going that extra mile for their guests.

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