If you’re looking for the Top 10 family accommodation New Zealand, here’s how we easy. To get the ball rolling, we’ve listed a variety of accommodation to suit most budgets and styles. Keep in mind, it doesn’t always have to be ‘5 star’ interiors. Kids, as well as parents, often like the unusual – something a little bit different. The following Top 10 family accommodation New Zealand is just a brief overview of what you and your family can expect.  There’s a lot of choice for families planning a New Zealand holiday.

Top 10 family accommodation New Zealand types

1. Apartments – perfect for families

When a family travels, space and having a broad range of facilities. are a key requirement. Apartments offer lounges, kitchen and a number of bedrooms – everyone gets their own room. The other advantage of staying in an apartment, is they’re usually centrally located and close to all attractions. Families also love the convenience of walking to restaurants and supermarkets.

2. Cottages – get rural and stay independent

When selecting cottages, you’ll most likely being staying outside the main township. This is where families find the ‘real New Zealand’ – rural heartland free from commerce. It’s an amazing experience awakening to the sound of bird life or the soothing sound of waves. Cottage stays are a good way of experiencing rural New Zealand. Although if you choose this option, you’ll need to have own rental vehicle.

3. Bed and Breakfasts & Lodges – meet the locals and leave as friends

If you choose a bed and breakfast’, either in B&B’s or lodges, you’ll definitely meet the locals – New Zealanders with the inside knowledge. Most parents of young children love waking up, knowing that someone else is preparing a wonderful breakfast for them. Its quite common for these breakfasts to extend with a long chat on what to do that day. Family travellers get handy hints they might not have been aware of!

4. Farmstay – learning about rural New Zealand

It would be hard to imagine New Zealand without sheep. A lot of family travellers want to experience a farmstay so the children can be introduced, often for the first time, to farm animals. Those days, a New Zealand farm tour is an essential part of many a travel itinerary  For many years to come, this experience will serve as a reminder of a fun time. Children never forget seeing a working dog in action or feeding a baby lamb.

5. Resorts – everything at families disposal

New Zealand offers a few fabulous resorts such as Millbrook Resort near Queenstown. The key advantage of these properties, is the convenience they offer for family travellers. You’ll get room service, restaurants and child facilities. We often include a resort like Millrook as part of a family’s North & South Island itinerary, such as this sample.


6. Overnight tenting or glamping

Now this option doesn’t suit everyone, but it can be a great adventure for families. And it can take many forms. Wanting a true true wilderness experience? Then fly in by helicopter and tent for the night. Or you could choose to camp just off a rural property in a glamping type of set-up. Either option will  definitely bring your family closer to the beauty of New Zealand’s mother nature. Bear in mind, adverse weather conditions could prove to be a challenge. But, hey that’s all part of an authentic travel experience!

7. Overnight cruising – families testing the waters

This option is mainly done in the fjords of the South Island. It’s a rather unique way of experiencing the wilderness in a higher degree of comfort than tenting or glamping. You’ll get your own cabin and of course, great food. Additional outdoor excursions are often included – kayaking or guided walks. If you’re travelling to Milford Sound from Queenstown or Te Anau, you can do local walks. You can do these walk both on the way in and on the way out of the fjord. This option actually is the best for utilising your limited travel time.

8. Holiday Houses – families staying longer at one spot

By using holiday houses, families can stay longer in one region. You’ll have a good base from which to explore. Plus you’ll get the use of some very good facilities – sometimes even kayaks and bicycles are provided.

9. Hotels or motels – best way for in the cities

The main arrival points for families in New Zealand is either Auckland or Christchurch. Those cities offer a range of hotel options, some of them with specific family rooms.

10. Motorhome travel – families on the move

Motorhome travel is often seen as the ‘ultimate’ New Zealand adventure. As with everything, there are pros and cons. If families want to have a ‘taster’ we sometimes recommend that they travel to one island with a rental car and stay in a variety of accommodation. They can then travel around the other island in a motorhome. Its a great combo – less driving time for parents and the children get their ‘adventure fix’.

Summary on options for Family accommodation New Zealand

New Zealand is full of outstanding family accommodation options. There is no need to stay all the time in hotels or motels.  You and your family can mix and match your family travel experience. Combine a spacious apartment with a a rural cottage or farmstay. Then put aside one week for travelling in a motorhome. It all comes down to what you prefer and the time you have. Plan any New Zealand family trip 9-10 month ahead (especially for the busy Christmas period). That way you’ll have a wide choice of accommodation options. Keep in mind: New Zealand has a small population base with only 4.8 million souls, so there is a shortage on accommodations during the peak summer season with 3.5 million travellers reaching our shores. A great idea is to travel off-season!

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Happy travelling on your family holiday in New Zealand!

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