You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy the upscale Millbrook luxury Golf Resort Queenstown. We spent 4 days at this 500-acre property. And its only a 10 minute drive from Central Queenstown. Its like entering a new world when you turn into the Milbrook Entrance.  As it turned, it proved to be the perfect setting for a very special birthday celebration.

Millbrook luxury Golf Resort Queenstown

Millbrook luxury Golf Resort Queenstown gives you a sense of space and endless scenic beauty. No matter where you walk, you’ll be surrounded by the mountain backdrop and the gentle rolling greens. There is a lot of fun to be found away from the resort as well. Afterall, Queenstown is the adventure capital of New Zealand! Families will love the Walter Peak Farm Tour from Queenstown And almost everyone is keen to visit Milford Sound Getting from Queenstown to Milford Sound

Millbrook luxury Golf Resort Queenstown

Millbrook luxury Golf Resort Queenstown – Accommodation

The accommodation at Millbrook offers great choices for both families and couples.  The villas and cottages have been cleverly arranged in a horseshoe formation around those beautiful greens.

millbrook Resort two

Accommodation Options at Millbrook Resort

From the many accommodation options on offer, we chose one of the semi-attached, 2-level cottages. No matter where in the resort you want to go, reception staff will arrange for an enclosed vehicle to collect then drop you off again at your accommodation.

Millbrook cottage

This is where my sister plonked herself for the rest of the afternoon. With views like this, I can’t say I blamed her.

millbrook four

Millbrook Luxury Golf Resort Queenstown – the Spa

The Millbrook Spa is of world standard and one of the very few in New Zealand deserving of the description. Out of respect for the privacy of other guests, I didn’t take photos, so here is one supplied by Millbrook:

Millbrook luxury Golf Resort Queenstown - Spa

Millbrook luxury Golf Resort Queenstown

Out of all the spa experiences I’ve had, both here and overseas, this one would rate as the best! The whole process was seamless. I had booked the Pure Indulgence Facial. The staff were living advertisements of their profession – glowing with good health and utterly gorgeous. They worked in discrete silence and with the lilting sound of water and flutes we floated into bliss.

Millhouse Restaurant – Millbrook Resort

There are 3 restaurants at Millbrook, not counting the clubhouse. On the previous night, we’d eaten at the Hole-in-One cafe and enjoyed the freshness of the food. Tonight we dined at The Millhouse, their top tier restaurant. It was great to have some of my family celebrate with me. Say “cheese” guys’.

Millbrook family photo

Of course there is a very good reason for the smiles and here are two of them: 1) the deconstructed sticky date pudding….

Millbrook Dessert2

….(2) this absolutely scrumptious Chocolate & Raspberry Assiette (Alaska Bomb, Pavlova, Mousse & Compote).

Millbrook Dessert1

Best Birthday ever!

millbrook pam

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Happy Travelling at Millbrook Luxury Golf Resort Queenstown!

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