Havelock Pelorus Sound – a special place to stop. Havelock is not just a drive-by. This pretty little town is a very nice refreshment stop with very clean toilet facilities. Towns like Havelock often have special attractions and today, I found one of them.

Havelock Pelorus Sound is located Nelson and Picton

There’s no better way of getting travellers to stop if all your cafes are lined in up in the main street.

Havelock buildings

What traveller could refuse to have their photo taken outside this iconic landmark?

Mussel Pot Restaurant in Havelock


The Gallery in Havelock, Pelorus Sound

We found this beautiful newly opened little art gallery simply named “The Gallery Havelock” The Gallery Havelock is not only special for it’s carefully chosen display of local artwork, but it is also supplied and operated by very forward-thinking individuals. The locals have formed a Trust in which which profits are returned to the Havelock community.

The Gallery Havelock pam outside

I met Brett Avison, a children’s writer and a volunteer at the gallery. In the photo below, it looks as though he’s giving me my marching orders, but in fact he’s actually pointing out a sculpture made of pure whalebone, the value of which you might be surprised to see in a small town gallery.

The gallery havelock

That’s the beauty of this lovely gallery. Artwork prices range from $35.00 to $10,000 and even at the lower end of the spectrum, it is authentic and quality artwork. I’ve found a treasure today and the folk here certainly deserve the success coming their way.

Havelock you little beauty, thanks for all the reasons for making me stop, both humble and fabulous!

5 responses to “Havelock Pelorus Sound – a special place to stop”

  1. Jane Smith says:

    What a great little gallery to find – and I love the fact that they are putting the profits back into the community. Good on them. From the tantalising glimpses in the photo it looks as though there are some interesting works in there. Travel well you two. J

  2. GuestNZ says:

    It’s such a great survival tactic and I really think it’ll work for them. Travellers will love it,but they just need to know about it. Havelock is definitely not a drive-by anymore.

  3. Jan Roberts says:

    oh Pam I want to go now! What a gorgeous little area and great community spirit. Love the look of the cafe and the art gallery – can’t wait, can’t wait…….

  4. Jan Roberts says:

    oh forgot to mention you put a grin on my face with your first statement – I thought you meant the Tuatara!

  5. GuestNZ says:

    Hey Jan, that’s funny..just had another re-read and it does seem as though that Tuatara was speaking from personal experience. Darn!

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