For romantic stays, in New Zealand, you’ll always find something incredibly unique. There are 7 very unique PurePods dotted around the Canterbury Region – you’ll get a fantastic choice of truly beautiful isolated locations.  Just remember, PurePods are definitely not your usual tramping huts.  In fact, PurePods are luxury eco cabins that are built of reinforced glass. These beautiful pods are totally powered by solar energy.

Romantic Stays in PurePods South Island

Why are PurePods so unique?


Can you imagine being about to see through a floor and ceiling made of glass?  Well that’s what you’ll get with a PurePod. There are lights underneath the floor which you can turn on at night. But what is really the highlight for so many honeymooners, is being able to see the most amazing night sky. You will be literally miles away from any township, so the stars don’t have to compete with city lights.

Track walk:

You can’t actually drive your vehicle right up to a PurePod.  You will need to have an average degree of fitness for the 1.2 km uphill walk. It will take you a good 25 minutes.  But don’t worry, the tracks leading up to the PurePods are well signposted.  Just remember to arrive in daylight hours.  There will not be any lights to show you the way if you arrive in the dark!

Awesome Landscapes:

The greatest feature for our stay, was being surrounded by the most amazing landscape on all sides. You’ll see the most beautiful views across the tussock grasses and rolling hills down to the long, sheltered bay of Port Levy. The morning bird life was wonderful. In fact, rural life goes silently on around you. You are the observer.

How do you get access to a PurePod?

What Information do I get?

We stayed at the Pōhue PurePod between Darling Harbour and Pigeon Bay.  This Pod overlooked Port Levy. At the booking stage, we were emailed a very clear map of how to get there and how long it would take.  As with all the PurePods, we were driving along very scenic farm roads. There is a carpark at each PurePod location.  From the carpark, there is a well signposted track.


You need to be very selective about what you’ll take to the pod.  After all, you don’t want to face a 25 min walk back to the carpark to get your food supplies! So it is essential that at least one of you has a backpack to carry all the stuff you will need.

Solar powered Eco Romantic Stays in PurePods South Island


The beauty of the whole process is that you don’t have to check-in with anyone.  In fact, you won’t see another human being for your entire stay. The door of the PurePod will be open for you, so just to walk right on in.

What is provided?

Wet Weather Gear

At the bottom of the carpark, before you go up the track, there is a tiny open shed. This shed contains wet weather gear.  So if you arrive at the carpark and it is raining, just put a raincoat on and the gumboots that are provided.  You will need to remove all your footwear and raincoats before entering the pod.  The floor is glass and will become slippery if it gets wet.

Food packages

At an additional cost you can order food packages.  However, we chose to carry up our own wine and food that we had purchased at a supermarket deli on the way.  It was a fine feast!  We also took our own breakfast supplies.  Hence the need for back packs.

Modern facilities

With the exception of your food supplies, everything else is pretty much provided – including the kitchen sink!  There is a barbie outside for cooking. Inside you’ll find all the kitchenware you’ll ever need.  And you needn’t ever be cold.  There is underground heating in the glass floor and heating above you. You’ll love the high-powered hot shower. You can use a shower curtain, but there really is no need. The bed is top quality to ensure a blissful sleep.

Total Solitude

You might want to ask yourself, how serious you are about getting away from it all.  There is NO wifi connection, radio or television.  But there is a USB connection for your cellphones.  That way, you can also get to play your own music. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll quickly cast your cares away!

If you have trouble adjusting to the vastness of the environment, there are night blinds.  But on the night of our stay, we chose to keep these up. There is something very special about watching night fall and seeing an unobstructed sky.


Remember, that with a PurePod, you’ll be totally isolated.  You will only have each other. I guess that’s pretty much perfect for honeymooners and the romantic at heart.  For a lot of busy couples, PurePods are a great way of reconnecting with nature and with each other. It’s a pure experience.

Check out some of our New Zealand honeymoon and nature focused self-drive itineraries, into we can incorporate a PurePod experience for you.

Happy Travelling!

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