We’re right smack bang in the middle of New Zealand’s winter season (the off-season, – between June and August). We haven’t even hit the summer season yet and here I am talking about the next year’s Autumn! But a lot of international visitors book their New Zealand honeymoon 12 months ahead, so we’re not really getting ahead of ourselves. There are a number of reasons why you would plan a honeymoon in New Zealand’s Autumn months – some might say its the best time! Here are a few to think about.

Best time to Honeymoon in New Zealand

Advantage No 1 – Settled Weather New Zealand in Autumn

The Autumn months between April and May are utterly gorgeous – the scenery is at it’s most beautiful and the weather is probably the calmest you’re going to get.

settled weather for your honeymoon in new zealand

Overall, the amount of rain in most regions is far less in the Autumn months. You’ll not only get a great combination of rich Autumn colours, but usually sunny clear skies. It’s a photographers paradise as the light has a wonderful density.

wide and open spaces with stunning views

Advantage No 2 – New Zealand in Autumn photography

Nature actually creates a darker light, as the sun is higher. Loved-up honeymooners will get a lot of space to themselves to photograph those surprisingly friendly Tui and Fantail birds. And there’ll be no waiting for others to step out of your way here folks. There’s no sweeter moment when you re-visit your photos and recall those beautiful moments – when there was no one else around.

picture perfect - Best time to Honeymoon in New Zealand

Advantage No 3 – Off-the-beaten in New Zealand:

In the Autumn months it’s still possible to enjoy off-the-beaten places like Lake Hauroko in the Fiordland National Park. (Can you believe that many New Zealanders have never heard of this lake, let alone seen it!)

off to the unspoilt places in fiordland national park

Tour number are fewer, so you’ll often get the undivided attention of your guide.

walks and hikes with less visitors around

One of the key experiences while travelling through New Zealand are its people.  Getting off the beaten track into the rural country ‘heartland’ very often means establishing long lasting friendships with the locals.

autumn on the otago rails trail is the best time to honeymoon in new zealand

To get a general idea on what you can do with a limited time on your hand…

view sample travel itineraries

Advantage No 4 – Seasonal prices and more choices:

Of course it’s beneficial to your wallet when the ‘shoulder’ winter rates kick in. Plus there’s the added bonus of having a better range of choices for romantic accommodation. You may not be so lucky to get this romantic vineyard cottage in the busy summer months.

romantic honeymoon cottages are easier to get during autumn season

Advantage No 5 – Walking tracks:

Long after the Christmas/New Year visitors have departed these shores, you’ll get to explore great walking tracks without meeting a single soul on the way. How cool is that! New Zealand bush is simply magic. Walking through the thick green coverage, hearing the local birds singing and smelling the fresh and pure New Zealand air is the simpler life we often yearn for. But even if we have this travel memory for only a few weeks, it will stay with us for a lifetime.!

walking and hiking through new zealand nature and parks

Happy travelling for the best time to honeymoon in New Zealand!

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4 responses to “Best time to Honeymoon in New Zealand”

  1. Lovely blog and oh so true. Autumn in NZ is a favourite time of year for us – the variations of colour around the country, less people at all those hot spots. Love that photo of the two of you at the waterfall – special day indeed for two special people. 🙂

    • GuestNZ says:

      Thank you for your lovely comments Jan. Yes, we wonder why visitors see Autumn as a winding down time. For us, it’s towards the end of a busy season and that’s when we get to have a stress-free explore of parts of the country. Sure, you might need to add an extra layer of clothing but we’ve found that aquatic activities are great at this time of year, as the waters are usually so calm. Great for biking tracks too. And those Autumn colours are spectacular.

  2. Greg Whyte says:

    Could not agree more and agree with the comments above re clothing – whilst we are not often as cold as what they are used to it is still winter or nearing Spring and with that you get a real mixture of weather.

    We had our own first honeymooners of the season last week – young couple from Paris married a week earlier – awesome to be able to share our little piece of paradise here in Waihi Beach and point them in the direction of Waitomo for the glowworm caves and Otorohanga to see kiwis and most of our native birds at the Kiwi House.

    Enjoy your blog – it reminds us of what a great country we are fortunate to live in.

    Greg & Ali

    • GuestNZ says:

      Greg and Ali, this is what’s so great about staying with the ‘locals’ – local knowledge. We love honeymooners because they’re always happy and like you, we enjoy sharing our passion for this country.

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