For me, travelling is all about discovering the “four corners” of the earth; the places and people. I remember my very first trip to Cork (Ireland), grabbing my bicycle (one gear only, no kidding) and peddling the rolling green hills. After thirty years, I still remember the freshness of an Irish rainfall, the kindness of the locals and the steep hills of the “Ring of Kerry”. Travel has been my passion ever since.

Michael on the Road

As a travel designer, this passion has been my work for the last 25+ years and has seen me travelling extensively around New Zealand. But (there’s always a “but”) despite our travels throughout the year, I’ve still spent too many hours in my office squinting at computer screens…

Michael working at his computer

….so far away from the roads, hills and valleys of New Zealand  I love so much…

Forgotten World Highway cows


New Zealand explore St Arnaud

Technology has allowed many of us to work with greater flexibility. I  can now work “on the cloud”, ‘Cloud 9′ if I want. NOW is the time for Pam and I to get back on the road with our laptops, travel the countryside for the next year or so.

Martinborough vineyard biking3.jjpg

We often get asked by our customers “have you been there” or “have you done this yourself”. It’s such a great feeling to say “yes, I have and I can recommend it” (or not). Through social networks, our travel blogs and Facebook, our travellers will hear about the secret nooks and crannies we discover along the way.

Michael with stick West Coast

There is so much more in New Zealand than the 4 main centres you always read about in the brochures. So get ready for us New Zealand, you awesome little beauty!!

Pam and Michael Grampian Walk


4 responses to “The Travelling Travel Agent – our year of exploration”

  1. Jane Smith says:

    Can’t wait to travel by proxy with you – you always find great spots! Enjoy yourselves. Cheers J

    • GuestNZ says:

      Yes Jane, after months of planning, this fantastic opportunity has finally arrived. We’ll be starting from the Tasman Village and working our way down the South Island before heading to the North Island. It’ll be such a great way of uncovering New Zealand’s hidden spots (and there are still so many to discover). A special aspect will be about the people we meet on the way.

  2. Jan Roberts says:

    This is such an incredible experience for you both. So exciting and I’m very jealous but look forward to following your explorations and getting all the travel tips on the places you visit along the way.

  3. GuestNZ says:

    …and it is about sharing the knowledge Jan, as you have with us. We’re looking forward to both catching up with our friends in the Tourism industry and discovering the ‘newbies’ along the way.

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